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Revolutionary New Missile Fired by JACKAL Drone: Lightweight and Versatile

The JACKAL aerial drone successfully launched Thales’ lightweight multirole missile (LMM) for the first time. The test, funded by the UK Royal Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, aimed to explore advancements in unmanned air combat. The project resulted in the production of two operational JACKAL drones and the demonstration of two LMM live fires within six weeks of its launch.

Thales and JACKAL developer Flyby Technology collaborated with Turkish unmanned solutions providers FlyBVLOS Technology and Maxwell Innovations on the initiative. Rapid Capabilities Office Head Air Cdre. Jez Holmes praised Flyby’s exceptional work and Thales’ remarkable support for innovative start-ups.

The JACKAL drone is a vertical take-off and landing vehicle suitable for close air support and battlefield air interdiction operations. It can engage in-flight helicopters and tanks and protect airfields and roadways against adversaries. The JACKAL is capable of deploying from vulnerable runways and remote sites like woods and built-up camps. Flyby Technology CEO Jon Parker stated that JACKAL is a true multi-role attack aircraft designed by ωar fighters to achieve victory. Flyby wants to make JACKAL a flagship product, providing secure UK jobs and contributing to a new future for the British aerospace and defence industries.

Thales’ LMM is a precision strike multirole missile designed for tactical missions on land, sea, and air. The weapon can intercept targets such as armored vehicles, fast inshore attack vessels, and autonomous airborne systems. Its warhead comprises blast fragmentation and sharp charge effects for efficient threat neutralization. In the UK Royal Navy, the LMM operates as the Martlet lightweight missile.

Thales Northern Ireland Managing Director Philip McBride explained that one of LMM’s unique selling points is its ability to integrate onto multiple platforms to address various threats.

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