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China’s Air Force Surpasses Russian Aerospace Forces; Capable of Rapid Air Superiority Over Taiwan Unlike Russia

With an increase in incursions into the Taiwanese Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), a recent video uploaded by a pro-China Twitter account offers a glimpse into the discrepancy in military capabilities between China and Taiwan. The footage appears to show a verbal exchange between a Taiwanese ground control crew and a Chinese fighter pilot.

The tweet following the video suggests that Taiwan is hesitant to confront China due to China’s superior military strength. This information comes at a time when leaked Pentagon documents have revealed Taiwan’s inability to prevent China’s air dominance in a potential conflict.

According to the documents, Taiwan’s air defenses may not accurately detect missile launches, and fewer than half of their aircraft are capable of fulfilling their missions. Taiwan’s air force would be at a disadvantage against China’s PLAAF, as China’s military capabilities surpass Taiwan’s.

Despite having advanced F-16 Vipers, Taiwan would fare worse than Ukraine in the event of a Chinese invasion. The documents also note that Taiwan’s air defense units lack a “common operating picture,” and their missile warning exercises are inadequate. Moreover, China has continued to escalate its military capabilities while asserting its goal of reunifying Taiwan with the mainland. With tensions rising, Taiwan has adopted an asymmetrical warfare strategy against China, and the US has been pushing Taiwan to strengthen its defenses with unconventional weapons. However, the Pentagon’s assessment casts doubts on Taiwan’s military readiness.

The documents were part of a series allegedly leaked by US air national guardsman Jack Teixeira, coinciding with the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting to discuss a joint China strategy.

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