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10 Terrifying Mysteries in Human History That Still Have No Solution to This Day (P.2)

Despite entering the 21st century and humanity venturing out into space, there are still countless mysteries on Earth that scientists have yet to provide satisfactory explanations for

Self-moving Stones

Self-moving stones in a dry lake bed

A highly mysterious phenomenon has been discovered in Racetrack Playa, located in Death Valley, California for centuries. This phenomenon is called “sailing stones”: stones that move on their own within the lake bed without any human intervention or other external force.

Sometimes, some stones even change direction unexpectedly. Many people say that the movement is due to the wind, while others believe it is due to the magnetic properties of the stones. However, scientists have not yet found a solution to this puzzle.

Brain Injury Turns Humans Into Mathematical Geniuses

The human brain remains a mystery that scientists have yet to fully understand

A 44-year-old man named Jason Padgett, who used to work at a furniture store and had never studied mathematics in his life, was beaten and knocked unconscious by a group of muggers in 2002. After waking up, Jason Padgett became a mathematical genius.

The brain injury helped him quickly absorb mathematical and physical theories. In return, he suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. He also believed that he was a woman before the attack.

Mysterious Beach

In the blink of an eye, the scenery of the beach has changed

A beach in Portlevene (Cornwall, United Kingdom) has puzzled scientists with a very strange event. A sudden tidal surge washed away all the sand, leaving only rocks and pebbles. Hours later, another tidal surge covered the beach again and returned the sand as if nothing had happened. Strangely, a large amount of sand was carried away, and it would take several years for nature to replenish it.

Ghost Lights

Floating lights in the air are not created by humans

A strange natural phenomenon occurred in the Hessdalen valley in 1940. People saw circular white or yellow lights rising from the valley, hovering in the air, and then disappearing. There was no evidence that humans had created these lights.

Some people say that the combination of iron ore and sulfur created natural glowing rocks. Scientists suggest that the vaporization of sulfur created ionized gas bubbles, which react and emit light when they come into contact with humid air. However, this theory has not been proven.

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