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10 Terrifying Mysteries in Human History That Still Have No Solution to This Day (P.3)

Despite entering the 21st century and humanity venturing out into space, there are still countless mysteries on Earth that scientists have yet to provide satisfactory explanations for.

Strange Lights Over the Pacific Ocean

Unusual lights observed in the Pacific sky

In 2017, a strange phenomenon occurred in the Pacific Ocean when a large area of the sea suddenly lit up with a red glow. This phenomenon was recorded by a NASA satellite and caused a lot of attention in the scientific community.

Scientists believe that the cause of this phenomenon is the growth of a harmful type of bioluminescent algae called Noctiluca scintillans. This algae reproduces rapidly in warm and nutrient-rich water, glowing red when stimulated by daylight or light from artificial sources at night.

However, some scientists have also proposed other hypotheses that this phenomenon may be caused by emissions of toxic gases from gas production sites or by a combination of other natural factors such as breaking waves and wind.

The Migration of Animals

Migration of animals is a big mystery that has yet to be solved

Every year, many species of migratory animals travel from one place to another at certain times. This is a very observable event, but the mystery about it has not been solved. Scientists still do not understand why these complex migration routes can be repeated accurately by many generations of animals without any errors. Even the next generation that has not been led by previous generations can still fly accurately along the predetermined route.

Mysterious Light Explosions

Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can be predicted.

For many years, scientists have observed a number of light flashes in the sky just before earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. They look like lightning bolts. In 1960, they captured a video of this phenomenon and tried to explain it.

To date, the link between these two different events has not been found. According to some explanations, special geological activity may have created special electric currents, but how this mechanism works is still unknown.

Abnormal Signs in The Baltic Sea

Abnormal signs on the beach

A team of Swedish divers discovered a strange disc-shaped object with a large radius on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It was described as formed on a column, consisting of structures arranged in a staircase leading to a black hole. No one can explain where this phenomenon originated from.

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