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Behind the Scenes of Ukraine’s AFU: Exclusive Footage of Black Hawk Helicopter Training Unveiled

Recently, Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence’s special units participated in training exercises at one of the front lines, involving an American Black Hawk helicopter.

Here’s What We Observed

Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence states that special units practiced deploying combat groups on the battlefield, evacuation, descending from landing ropes, and conducting night flights.

The Black Hawk helicopter is designed to launch both guided and unguided Hellfire missiles. It can support infantry operations and transport various types of cargo. The Black Hawk is easy to pilot and boasts a high horizontal flight speed. It can remain airborne for approximately three hours and cover a distance exceeding 600 km. According to its crews and pilots, it surpasses its Soviet counterparts, the Mi-8 and Mi-24, in nearly all aspects.

Ukrainian crews mastered the Black Hawk within hours, conducting flights on the same day the helicopter arrived in Ukraine.

As per the helicopter’s lead pilot, this Black Hawk is actively participating in combat operations, including operations within enemy territory.

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