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F-35B Amazes Audiences: Jet Transforms from Supersonic Speed to Hovering Helicopter Mode

I work on F-35s as a career. The B variant typically does not perform vertical takeoffs as it can compromise the surface below, risking damage and blowing debris into the aircraft and engine inlets. As seen in the video, a brief takeoff run is almost always executed for the F-35B. However, it can land vertically, which requires less thrust.

This is a revision of an earlier comment where I stated the B model could not take off vertically. After reading comments here, watching VTOL videos, and consulting with the engineer who informed me of this long ago, I have updated this comment. I was also told that current operational procedures do not permit vertical takeoffs unless a specific surface is beneath the jet. So, I was mistaken.

I can’t believe I’m actually a 1/300,000,000th part owner of this incredible airplane! I just wish I could utilize it more frequently. And honestly, given their high cost and complexity, what are the chances this aircraft will EVER actually use those guns against another plane in flight?

These are so expensive that I assume the Navy simply avoids any real danger and deploys the trusty F-16s for actual combat. Imagine the amount of tax money invested in this experiment.

State-of-the-art ground support aircraft! With a MARINE piloting that ground support!! That would make me feel safer in a H๏τ combat zone with a couple of Marines overhead!! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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