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Introducing the Most Advanced Apache Attack Helicopter Yet

The British Army’s latest Apache AH-64E attack helicopter has made its debut during Exercise Talon Guardian. According to a press release, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps travelled 1,500 km over two weeks, settling at three different locations to strategize and execute their attack missions, while maintaining the sophisticated helicopters in the field.

During the exercise, engineers have ensured that the aircraft is operational while aircrew strategize and carry out strikes with support from the ground crew. The forward arming and refuelling points have been run by the ground crew to maintain the fuel tanks and weapons pylons of the AH-64E.

3 Regt AAC is the first unit to field the AH-64E, which comes with enhanced sensors, weapons, flying performance, and communication systems compared to the Apache Mk.1 it replaces. The training aims to prepare 3 Regt AAC to provide an aviation deep strike battlegroup to 3rd (UK) Division, the British Army’s warfighting division.

The commanding officer of 3 Regt AAC, Lieutenant Colonel Simon Wilsey, stated that Exercise Talon Guardian is a significant advancement for the British Army’s AH-64E, which is the most advanced attack helicopter globally. As they move forward, they are utilizing all the new systems and capabilities, as well as analyzing the lessons learned from current conflicts to ensure they remain relevant and adaptable.

He highlighted the importance of basic field craft, such as dispersing and camouflaging their positions to prevent observation by drones and using data and long-range communication. Aircrew members have also been trained to use natural cover and the aircraft’s sensors to counter air defense systems and low-tech threats. The focus is on exploring the full potential of this incredible aircraft.

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