Archaeological Mystery

The Mystery of the World’s Biggest Eater Among Ordinary People

A person who is always hungry and can eat to the point of devouring grass, candles… even live cats. He has become the subject of many scientific experiments, but his “bottomless stomach” remains a mystery.

Charles Domery was a person of average intelligence, but he was famous for his terrifying hunger. He fled from the Prussian army and joined the French forces to find better food. Domery was known for his fondness for eating raw meat, especially beef liver.

However, the frightening thing is that Domery almost ate human flesh while serving on the French ship Hoche. He was said to have eaten cats and grass almost every day when he could not find other food. However, his health remained good and was not affected by his unusual diet.

Domery often suffered from hunger pangs and sweated profusely after sleeping. He usually slept for about 1-2 hours before waking up and feeling very hungry, and continued to eat any available food. Then he would go back to sleep and continue this cycle.

However, there is no official information on how long Domery lived or the cause of his death.

Until now, no one has been able to explain Domery’s extreme eating habits. Although there is a medical condition called “food addiction” where people have an abnormal craving for food, it is known to not be as severe as what Domery experienced.

This has led some experts to speculate whether he had a brain injury. However, what happened to Domery after the experiment is still unknown.

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