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Experience Flight like Never Before: F-15E Strike Eagle Simulator from Vrgineers and Razbam Simulations Debuts in 2023

As a product of enduring partnership between Vrgineers and Razbam Simulations, the innovative F-15E Strike Eagle simulator will premiere at the IT2EC exhibition in Rotterdam. The firms aim to deliver cost-effective, adaptable COTS simulators to the U.S. Air Force, merging Vrgineers’ Portable Trainer and XTAL 3 Virtual Headset with Razbam’s F-15E Strike Eagle model. The F-15E Strike Eagle model, unveiled earlier this year, is accessible to all who utilize the Digital Combat Simulator at home. This distinctive approach enables Air Forces to conduct team coordination and mission practice using the most sophisticated and economical solution presently available.

Portable Trainers are straightforward to set up and transport (by two individuals). The apparatus provides supreme immersion due to the application of XTAL, a headset offering a 180-degree field of vision and 4k resolution. The escalating demand for pilots, endorsement of virtual pilot training to maintain aviation safety, and the necessity to cut the expenses of pilot training are the key reasons we witness a swift surge in employing these COTS simulators as part of the expanding Pilot Next, RVCT, and other advanced training programs.

“Our integration with Vrgineers simulators allows all the features of our model to evolve into an ultimate training solution and provides a cost-effective solution to all F-15E air forces and operators,” states Ronald Zambrano, CEO & founder of Razbam Simulations.

“The precision of the RAZBAM F-15E Strike Eagle is astounding. The complexity of the cockpit and the scope of the functions available in tandem with our trainers enable virtually anyone to become a proficient F-15 pilot. We project that by 2030 every pilot will have one of these trainers readily available and can operate it from home,” comments Marek Polcak, CEO & co-founder of Vrgineers.

The remainder of the control panel and cockpit is virtual. All the switches and knobs manipulation are managed by hand tracking of the trackball, granting a pilot access to full capabilities. The existing platform is unsuitable for procedural training due to the absence of essential features for muscle memory training. Nevertheless, Vrgineers is developing a mixed-reality version of the F-15E trainer, which is anticipated to be unveiled at the I/ITSEC in Orlando this year. The mixed reality setup will enable comprehensive 1:1 training. In addition to all mentioned, the F-15E model incorporates the new TALON AI, a co-pilot AI overseeing tactical tasks such as target lock and navigation.

Vrgineers stands as a pioneer in creating immersive technologies centered on training professional fighter jet and helicopter pilots. The company designs and produces its XTAL headset for virtual and mixed reality. Vrgineers’ product line also encompasses flight simulators – the Classroom, Portable, and Custom Trainer. The XTAL headset is crafted considering the priorities of professional pilots and instructors from the global aviation community to satisfy the most stringent requirements for realistic simulation. The company accomplished this through the unique integration of a wide field of view and high image quality that XTAL provides. Vrgineers simulators constitute the foundation of a contemporary synthetic training platform.

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