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BAE Secures a Staggering £656 Million Deal for the Future of Aerial Warfare: The Tempest Program

The United Kingdom Department of Defence (DoD) has granted a contract extension valued at £656 million to BAE Systems to advance the ideation and technology of the forthcoming generation combat aircraft, identified as Tempest in the UK. This additional funding will expand on the pioneering science, research, and engineering already accomplished under the initial stage of the contract fulfilled by UK Tempest collaborators BAE Systems, Leonardo UK, MBDA UK, and Rolls-Royce. The UK Tempest associates, operating in close cooperation with the DoD, will now enhance the development of over 60 innovative technology displays, digital concepts, and new technologies. These are crucial to the UK’s autonomous defence capability and will aid in defining the final specifications – in conjunction with the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) associates in Japan and Italy – for the combat air platform, scheduled to be deployed with the Royal Air Force by 2035. The aircraft is projected to be a revolutionary stealth fighter with supersonic potential and furnished with top-tier technologies, encompassing cutting-edge sensing and protection features.

“This contract signifies the consistent dedication by the UK Government and guarantees our continual maturation of this substantial program and the crucial technology pipeline that will propel innovation into – and beyond – the combat air sector for decades ahead. This essential work is at the heart of the newly inaugurated Global Combat Air Programme; a grand international collaboration and ambitious endeavour between the UK, Japan, and Italy with the mutual objective to deliver the next era of combat air fighter jets,” stated Herman Claesen, Managing Director, Future Combat Air Systems – BAE Systems Air Sector.

“The subsequent allotment of funding for future combat air will help merge the combined technologies and proficiency we possess with our international partners – both in Europe and the Pacific – to deliver this world-class fighter jet by 2035, safeguarding our skies for decades ahead,” expressed Ben Wallace, UK Secretary of State for Defence.

“Today, as intended, the UK DoD is unveiling the next portion of funding for future combat air. This demonstrates that the UK is committed to collaborating with international partners to produce a next-generation fighter jet for 2035. We are confronting an escalating threat from our rivals, who are investing in combat air and air defences of their own,” declared Richard Berthon, DoD Director Future Combat Air.

GCAP capitalizes on the significant advancement already made in the UK by BAE Systems, Leonardo UK, MBDA UK, Rolls-Royce, and the UK DoD who have been collaborating since 2018 to investigate, assess, and develop a range of next-generation future combat air systems capabilities. The program will extend over many years, creating thousands of jobs and economic benefits to the UK, Italy, and Japan while maintaining critical sovereign skills for the three countries. The programme is inspiring current and future generations to contribute to this critical international endeavour. Currently, over 2,800 people are employed at the UK partners and broader industry, with nearly 600 organizations under contract, including SMEs and academic institutions. Across the UK industry, work on this program is fostering investment in new digital technologies, tools, and methods, including model-based systems engineering with open architectures, digital twins, and virtual environments. This will ensure the next generation combat aircraft will be provided more swiftly and more economically than previous combat air programmes.

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