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Strategic Alliance Strengthened: UK and Qatar Extend Joint Typhoon Operations

Rephrased paragraph: Operating under the name of 12 Squadron, the combined UK-Qatar Typhoon squadron commenced its activities in June 2020. The Royal Air Force of the UK and the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF) have agreed to extend their joint Typhoon operations for the next two years.

The agreement was officially signed by Major General Jassim Al-Mannai, Commander of QEAF, and Air Marshal Sir Richard Knighton, Deputy Commander Capability of the RAF. Signed at the UK Ministry of Defence, this agreement ensures the continuation of the joint squadron’s operations, allowing pilots and ground crews from both nations to enhance interoperability and further develop their operational skills.

Known as 12 Squadron, the joint UK-Qatar Typhoon squadron, stationed at RAF Coningsby, was established in July 2018, marking the first joint squadron in the RAF since World War II. Since its inception in 2020, this bilateral squadron has facilitated joint operations, enabling pilots and air crews from both air forces to train together using advanced facilities. Expressing his satisfaction, Sir Richard Knighton stated, “I am pleased to see this extension agreement being signed.

Qatar is a significant regional partner, and the Royal Air Force is eager to continue nurturing this close partnership, benefiting both air forces and nations alike. “This collaboration plays a crucial role in promoting peace and stability in the region.” In October 2022, 12 Squadron was deployed on ‘Project Thariyat’ in Qatar, successfully completing a six-month deployment in support of QEAF’s air security operations.

The squadron recently returned to the UK, marking the completion of the initial phase of their joint operations. During this phase, the squadron provided support for the formation of QEAF’s first Typhoon squadron and facilitated aircraft integration.

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