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Concerns Arise: Latest Problem Casts Doubt on 737 MAX Production Rise

Boeing halted shipments of certain models of its popular aircraft on Thursday due to discovering quality problems with components provided by Spirit Aerosystems. Boeing encounters yet another quality issue in the construction of the 737 MAX planes, its most sought-after commercial airplanes.

On Thursday, the aircraft manufacturer acknowledged that it had paused deliveries of some planes to conduct inspections on two fittings that connect the rear fuselage to the vertical tail. The parts were not properly attached to the structure, impacting units currently in production or storage exclusively.

The components are supplied by Spirit Aerosystems, renowned for assembling numerous parts of Boeing airplanes. The problem affects the 737 MAX 7, Max 8, 8-200 models, as well as the preceding series, the 737NG, currently produced as the P-8 Poseidon for maritime patrol purposes.

The only exempted variant is the 737 MAX 9, which currently holds the highest seating capacity. “This does not pose an immediate safety concern for flight, and the existing fleet can continue to operate safely,” Boeing explained. As a result of the delivery suspension, the manufacturer must postpone the anticipated production increase for the upcoming years.

Boeing had intended to raise the monthly production of the 737 from 31 to 38 aircraft by June. By 2024, the objective was to achieve a monthly production rate of 42 planes.

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