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The Mystery of the 400-year-old Ghost Ship Vasa Still Intact

The Vasa warship is one of the earliest and largest warships of Sweden. However, it never participated in any battles as it sank right after its maiden voyage in 1628. The Vasa is considered one of the most significant historical and artistic treasures of Sweden as it still retains its original shape and equipment.

The Vasa warship was named after King Vasa of Sweden, and it was built in Stockholm from 1626 to 1628. The ship was 69 meters long, weighed 1,200 tons, and was equipped with 64 cannons. It was designed to serve as the flagship of the Swedish Navy and was considered the most powerful and beautiful warship of the country.

However, when the Vasa ship set sail for the first time on August 10, 1628, it sank after traveling only about 1,300 meters. The cause of this mishap was due to the ship’s instability, as its height was too high compared to its width. At that time, the ship was equipped with too many cannons and equipment, making it too heavy and unable to maintain balance.

After sinking, the Vasa ship was forgotten at the bottom of the sea for over 300 years until a group of archaeologists discovered it in 1956. With the help of experts and engineers, the Vasa ship was raised and displayed in a specially built museum to protect it from the effects of weather and the environment. Today, the Vasa ship is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sweden and is considered one of the country’s most important national treasures.

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