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Rus.sia’s Su-35 Fighters Fall Short Against Upgraded F-16s, Contrary to Expectations

F-16 Modernization in South Korea The F-16 Fighting Falcons of the US Air Force in South Korea are undergoing upgrades to their radar and avionics systems. The objective of this update is to enhance the effectiveness and survivability of these aircraft in both current and future missions.

The modernization involves the installation of the APG-83 Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR) with an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) and Central Display Unit (CDU). These improvements enable pilots to have better situational awareness and enhance the accuracy of the weapon system. It is anticipated that the F-16s will remain operational well into the 2040s, making these upgrades crucial for keeping pace with the evolving threat landscape.

Former F-16 Pilot Raises Doubts about the Capabilities of Russian Su-35 Fighters Ukraine has requested F-16s from the United States and its allies to protect its airspace against potential Russian attacks. Conversely, Russia contends that its Su-35 fighters are superior to those of the Western nations. Retired Lt. Col. Dan Hampton, a former American F-16 pilot, asserts that the Russian military has a flawed understanding of modern air warfare and overestimates the capabilities of its Su-35 fighters. Hampton highlights that the radar system of the Su-35 is outdated when compared to that of the F-16, giving the latter an advantage in long-range engagements.

Additionally, the F-16’s streamlined and agile design grants it superior maneuverability in close-quarters combat. Questionable Russian Tactics Hampton argues that Russia employs the same tactics in the air as it does on the ground, relying on numerical superiority rather than tactical finesse. This stands in contrast to the innovative approaches demonstrated by Ukrainian pilots. Having trained alongside Russian pilots, the former pilot contends that their tactics are predictable and easily countered. He even goes so far as to dismiss Russian fighters as “inferior” machines suitable only for air shows.

Summary While US F-16s are being upgraded in South Korea, a former F-16 pilot casts doubt on the capabilities and tactics of Russia’s Su-35 fighters. According to Hampton, the upgraded F-16 aircraft surpass the Su-35s in terms of radar technology and maneuverability during aerial combat. This controversy arises in the midst of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, underscoring the significance of staying up-to-date with technologies and tactics in modern air warfare. The ongoing modernization of F-16s in South Korea and Hampton’s criticism of the Su-35 fighters suggest that Russia’s claims of air combat superiority may be overstated.

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