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Back and Alive Charity Foundation Soars to Success: Raises $8.8M for 25 Cutting-Edge Shark Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance Drones

Back and Alive foundation successfully raised funds to procure Shark drones. The charitable organization will be able to acquire 25 sets. Here’s What We Know The Eye for Eye initiative was executed in partnership with the OKKO petrol station chain.

Whenever customers purchased Pulls fuel, the company donated ₴1 ($0.027) per liter to the foundation’s account. Within approximately five months, a total of ₴325 million ($8.8 million) was raised.

This amount is sufficient to secure 25 Shark unmanned aerial systems and 25 additional drones for swift replacement in case of damage. The total cost of each set, including one spare drone, is ₴13 million ($0.35 million). Along with the UAV, it consists of a mobile control station housed in a Pulsar ExpoTorsus vehicle and a launcher.

The Shark, developed by Ukrspecsystems, is a UAV utilized for target designation and fire adjustment. The initial set was delivered to artillery personnel in March 2023.

The drone is capable of operating continuously for up to 4 hours without landing, with a maximum flight range of over 300 km and a communication transmission range of 60 km.

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