Archaeological Mystery

Discovery of 5,500-year-old Giant Human Remains With 10m-tall Skeleton

Romania is located in the western part of the Black Sea in Europe. This country has many legends about giants, and the names of the giant races are also different.

Excavations in the 1970s yielded astonishing results. Rosia, a mountain town in Alba County, Romania, is a gold mining town where an incredible archaeological discovery was made beneath the village of Konia. Below the village lies an underground display room built about 5,500 years ago, which is also the tomb of the giants.

This display room is called the “Hall of the Happy Dead of the Northern Land” or Hall 13 and was built by the Agathyrsi tribe, prehistoric inhabitants of the Balkar people.

Image of the giant skull box excavated

In 1976, a group of archaeologists also discovered a 10m tall giant skeleton here, but this giant skeleton disappeared after being sent to Russia for examination and analysis.

In addition to this giant skeleton, as early as 1940, Romania has excavated up to 80 giant skeletons, and these skeletons are about 5m tall. Then, in 1989, the skeletons of 20 giants were excavated in the Rabada area of Pantelimon.

Many interconnected tunnels have been discovered under the Bucegi Mountains in this area, and there are even highly advanced technology control rooms left by extraterrestrials in the center of the tunnels that are astonishing.

In addition, giant skeletons have also been found in Buzau County, Klelaxi County, Pasani Mountain, and other places in Romania. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that Romania is the homeland of giants on Earth. Some experts believe that these discoveries also allow humans to reconsider their historical views on the origin of humanity and the theory of “evolution” that hinders people from knowing the truth.

“The land of bliss in the North” is recorded in ancient Greek literature, which is the homeland of the god of wind “Hyperborea”, where the Sun always shines, warm, and a very beautiful land. Some ancient Greeks pointed out that this place is Thrace in the ancient continent of the North Pole.

With the discovery of prehistoric civilization and even traces of extraterrestrial life, humans begin to believe in the real existence of “The land of bliss in the North”. However, some people believe that “The land of bliss in the North” where the Sun always shines does not actually have a specific location.

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