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Collaborative Milestone: Airbus Extends Hand to Boeing, Welcomes Them to H175M Task Force for UK’s New Medium Helicopter Competition

Airbus Press Release Oxford,

Boeing has joined the H175M Task Force as the most recent and final defense and aerospace company, addressing the UK New Medium Helicopter requirement. As the training services partner, Boeing Defence UK will deliver training for aircrew, groundcrew, and maintenance personnel if the super-medium class Airbus H175M, to be manufactured in Broughton, Wales, is chosen to replace the Airbus Puma HC2.

The company joins a team of UK-based industry experts who aim to offer, supply, and support the British-built H175M, which includes renowned players in the international aerospace sector. Lenny Brown, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters in the UK, stated, “Boeing Defence UK is rightfully esteemed in this country for their longstanding support of the British Chinook and Apache fleets. As the training services partner, they complete a strong lineup of UK-based top-tier aerospace partners who ensure world-class service provision to the UK Ministry of Defence for years to come.”

Steve Burnell, Managing Director of Boeing Defence UK, expressed, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Airbus and join their team of innovative aerospace leaders to fulfill the UK’s New Medium Helicopter requirement. Our local team has supported the British armed forces for many years, sustaining numerous jobs across the country in helicopter training. As a member of the H175M Task Force, we are excited to leverage our existing expertise to ensure availability and readiness for the UK’s future helicopter fleets.”

The H175M Task Force, introduced at the UK’s RIAT 2022 airshow, also includes Babcock, a specialist in defense and helicopter operations, serving as the support partner for the H175M in UK service at military operating locations. Martin Baker, located in Denham, Middlesex, with over 70 years of aerospace experience, provides specialized troop seating and cabin integration services.

Spirit AeroSystems, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Prestwick, Scotland, is already an Airbus partner for the CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL aircraft and has begun extensive detailed design and manufacturing activities for the H175M. Additionally, Pratt & Whitney Canada is a formal partner in the team, supplying and supporting their highly acclaimed PT6C-67E turboshaft engines from their leading family of powerplants.

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