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Mystery of 80 Human Skeletons Bound by Chains in Greece

A series of ancient Greek human skeletons buried “with respect” are raising many questions for archaeologists

80 sets of human bones were discovered earlier this year in Greece.

Archaeologists have just discovered a mass grave, where 80 sets of human bones with their wrists clamped by shackles were buried in an ancient Greek cemetery.

The group of archaeologists said the skeletons could date back to 632 BC, as a result of a mass execution.

But who these people were, why they were buried with respect, and the reason for their death remains a mystery.

The skeletons are the result of a mass execution.

Earlier this year, 80 sets of bones were discovered at the Falyron Delta cemetery, a large ancient burial site unearthed during the construction of an opera house and library in the center of Athens and the port of Piraeus, Greece.

During a rare tour, archaeologists carefully showed reporters 80 sets of human bones. Some bones were lined up on the sandy ground, some were stacked on top of each other, and their arms and legs were bound with jaws widely open.

80 sets of bones were found at the ancient cemetery of Falyron Delta.

“Their execution was carried out in the same way. But they were buried with respect,” said Dr. Stella Chryssoulaki, the head of the excavation.

“They were all bound with chains at the wrists. Most of these people were very young and in good health when they were executed.”

Experts hope that DNA testing and anthropological research will uncover the exact cause of death for the 80 individuals.

The fact that they were buried in an orderly manner suggests that they were not ordinary slaves or criminals.

One hypothesis is that they were supporters of Cylon, who staged a coup in Athens in 632 BC with the help of his father-in-law, the tyrant of Megara.

The coup failed and Cylon sought refuge in the Acropolis. He tried to escape but his supporters were killed.

There are over 1,500 bodies in this ancient cemetery, some infants placed in ceramic pots, other adults cremated or buried in stone coffins.

Most of these individuals were young and in good health at the time of their execution.

Yes, the fact that they were buried in an orderly manner suggests that they were not ordinary slaves or criminals.

There is a theory that they were soldiers of Cylon, who led a coup d’├ętat


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