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Taking the Antiques for Appraisal, the Old Man Tearfully Said to the Expert: I Hope These Items Are Fake!

This farmer has stunned the entire studio by candidly stating: ‘I hope this program helps me prove that these three items are fake

The program “Antiques Appraisal” on China’s CCTV is one of the reputable antique valuation platforms that many people trust. In recent broadcasts, an old farmer from the Ma family brought in three pieces of jade jewelry for appraisal.

Usually, participants hope that their antiques will become a tool for wealth, so the higher the valuation, the happier they will be. However, this farmer shocked the entire studio by candidly stating: “I hope this program helps me prove that these three items are fake.”

Extremely curious about the farmer’s wish, as soon as they received the three jade pieces, the experts did not hesitate and immediately began the appraisal process.

After studying the items, it was discovered that not only did they have natural colors from the inside out, but the surfaces also showed distinct signs of the passage of time, proving that their materials were not ordinary.

These are surely among the oldest forms of jade in China, called yu bi (玉璧) and yu jue (玦).

Gold has a price that varies with the times, while jade is priceless over time.

In ancient Chinese culture, jade was always regarded as a material of high value, even more than silver and gold.

Nephrite jade is commonly used for yu bi, and in its purest state, it is white in color. It can also appear in other colors such as green, yellow, brown, etc. Meanwhile, yu jue is a type of yu bi characterized by a round shape and a central opening with a hollow space.

The three pieces of jade that Mr. Mac brought to the “Treasure Appraisal” program

The three pieces of jade have existed since the time of the Spring and Autumn period in China, and their age is close to 2,000 years. Therefore, although they are very small, the total value of these three pieces of jade is up to 200,000 yuan (equivalent to about 700 million VND).

At this point, the entire studio stood up to congratulate the farmer on “escaping poverty in one step.” However, the man burst into tears and expressed his disappointment, which surprised the experts.

The bottomless greed of men

Mr. Mac said he originally came from a family of three generations of farmers living in Nam Xuong district, Jiangxi province, China. Although not wealthy, he believed that money was not the most important thing, as long as the family was harmonious, all problems could be solved.

Mr. Mac has three grown sons who have settled down and established their own careers. Two years ago, his wife suddenly passed away due to a heart attack, and their peaceful life was disrupted.

After his wife passed away, Mr. Mac’s oldest son proposed dividing the family’s assets, including their farmland. However, no one was willing to take care of their elderly father who could no longer work. Mr. Mac, who was heartbroken to see his children argue, decided to move into a nursing home arranged by the village committee. His decision was met with criticism, and his three sons were pressured to take turns caring for their father.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Mr. Mac’s youngest son discovered that their father had been hiding three ancient jade stones under his pillow. The siblings continued to argue fiercely, even blaming their father for not dividing his assets fairly.

At this point, Mr. Mac had completely lost faith in his three sons and no longer wanted to live with any of them.

Although no longer having to push and shove each other to take care of their father, the insatiable greed still makes the three brothers tense because of the three precious treasures their father left behind. In Mr. Mac’s eyes, these are simply items left by his late father, so they are definitely just fake or, even if they are real, only worth a few small coins.

For this reason, Mr. Mac brought these three jade treasures to the appraisal center, hoping that experts could help him prove they are fake so that his children would stop arguing.

Unfortunately, things did not go as the old father had hoped, and tears streamed down his face, showing his helplessness in the face of his children’s greed.

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