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3 Mysteries Hidden for 200 Years

Mysteries in history have always been a headache for scientists as they try to find solutions to these mysterious stories.

1. The Bottomless Pit in Washington, Usa.

The Bottomless Pit in Washington, USA, is still one of the most mysterious anomalies on the planet, hidden somewhere in the hills of the eastern state. Despite the 2.7-meter wide opening, all information regarding the origin and depth of the pit remains an unanswered question.

According to legend, local residents in the 1800s and possibly earlier used to dump rubbish and animal carcasses into the pit to fill it up. But over centuries, their efforts proved futile, as the pit seemed to swallow up everything thrown into it and never filled up.

The pit remained a mystery to the locals for a long time until Mel Waters came along. It didn’t take long for Mel to notice the difference.

He noticed that no matter what was thrown into the pit, whether it was a TV or a broken refrigerator, there was no sound echoing back.

This only fueled Mel’s curiosity, and he began to try to determine the depth of the pit. After some initial tests, Mel estimated the depth to be around 25km. A few days later, he discovered that birds and even his own dog wouldn’t go near the bottomless pit.

Realizing the unusual phenomena, Mel contacted a famous radio station and suggested they create a series of programs about this mysterious pit. However, a few weeks after the program aired, Mel lost all of his possessions and the area around the pit was sealed off. His name and all of his land records disappeared shortly after.

The US government still denies the existence of this mysterious pit to this day. However, a Native American doctor still insists that the pit existed, as he claims to have been taken to visit it by his father in 1961.

2. More than 800 British soldiers went missing

The disappearance of the British soldiers, known as the “Battalion of the Lost,” is one of the mysteries of World War II. In 1943, after a battle in the North African campaign, approximately 900 British soldiers disappeared mysteriously from the 5th Battalion of the 9th Brigade of the British Army.

In June 1943, the battalion was deployed to fight against the German and Italian armies in North Africa. However, after the battle in the Gazala region, the Indian Army reported that about 900 British soldiers were missing without a trace.

Efforts to find the missing soldiers were carried out, including using reconnaissance planes and other search tools, but no clues were found. Some rumors suggested that the soldiers had been captured and taken to prison camps in Germany or Italy, but there is no evidence to confirm this.

The fate of those battalions only came to light after three soldiers confessed to having seen the troops walk into a cloud before the cloud lifted up high and disappeared. However, many still do not believe the story of the three soldiers, and to this day, the fate of those missing soldiers remains unknown.

There are still many questions about the fate of the missing British soldiers in this battle, and it remains one of the biggest mysteries of World War II.

3. The mystery of the death of General Rossmore

It would be remiss not to include the strange story of the death of Baron Rossmore in this list.

Baron Rossmore was a Scottish-born man who moved to Ireland when he was young. He was a highly capable individual and rose quickly through the ranks in his career, so it was not surprising when he became the Commander-in-Chief of Ireland three years before retiring.

After retiring, Rossmore spent most of his time visiting friends, entertaining guests, and attending parties.

On August 6, 1801, Rossmore decided to host a small party at Dublin Castle and invited his close friends Mr. and Mrs. Barrington to attend.

But on the evening of August 5, the Barringtons arrived early and were unaware of the horrific events that would unfold the next morning.

At 2 a.m. on August 6, Mr. Barrington was awakened by a terrifying sound. It was like a mishmash of someone’s voice with loud music coming from somewhere in the castle.

The sound grew louder and seemed to be coming from everywhere at once. Frightened, Mr. Barrington quickly woke up his wife. After calming down, they went to the window to listen to where the eerie sound was coming from.

It was still quite dark outside, but they soon realized that the sound was coming from an empty grassy area below the window.

The Barringtons immediately called for the castle staff to come. The maid who was summoned seemed truly panicked and terrified. She sat there crying for almost half an hour before suddenly taking a deep breath and crying out, “Rossmore! Rossmore! Rossmore!” before running in fear into the room, closing the door tightly and not saying anything.

At 2:30 a.m., everyone was shocked to discover that Rossmore had died in the room after following the chilling sound that came from it.

To this day, this terrifying sound has never been fully explained.

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